Commercial Cast Iron Pipe Replacement

Jul 28, 2023 | Plumbing

Cast iron pipes can break, leak, and corrode over time. It can cause issues with drainage, and you may notice a foul odor in the building. If the problem is left untreated, you can even experience foundation problems. To prevent expensive issues, CS Mechanical recommends replacing your cast iron pipes.

So, how do you know when it is time to call us? Some signs to watch for include drain lines backing up. Foul odors in and around the building indicate that your cast iron pipes may be corroded and leaking.

When you ignore the issue, you may even notice your foundation is starting to sink. Foundation repairs are costly and can also interrupt your daily business operations.

Cast Iron Pipe Replacement

CS Mechanical will use trenchless technology whenever possible during your cast iron pipe replacement project. However, sometimes this non-invasive method is not possible. For example, when your pipes are back-pitched. Trenching is also necessary when the pipe has collapsed.

When trenching is required, our technicians excavate and expose the damaged cast iron pipe. We will handle the removal of the old pipe in preparation for installing the new pipe. We often recommend replacing old cast iron pipes with PVC piping. PVC is corrosion-resistant, a problem in Texas due to the hard water supply.

If only a section of the pipe is damaged, we can often repair or replace it without trenching. Our technicians will insert a durable liner into the existing pipe. The liner essentially creates a new pipe, effectively sealing any leaks. Trenchless cast iron pipe repair is a less expensive repair or replacement option. After inspecting the site, CS Mechanical will recommend the best solution to resolve your commercial plumbing issue.

We consider it a repair when only a section of the pipe is damaged. When the liner is inserted into the pipe from start to finish, it’s considered a replacement.

Moisture Barrier Protection

Even though PVC pipes are corrosion-resistant, moisture can still form on the outside surfaces. This moisture can gradually seep into the ground, often around your foundation slab. PVC pipes can also develop leaks, though rarely after installation. However, strong storms and shifting ground can result in both small and large leaks.

To help prevent this issue, CS Mechanical recommends installing moisture barrier protection.

A moisture barrier protects your building’s foundation from excess water. If the ground water begins rising, the barrier will prevent it from seeping underneath your foundation or into the building. For some commercial businesses along the Gulf Coast, the threat of flooding from hurricanes is significant in the summer.

We will also install reinforcing mesh wire as an additional safety precaution.

Wire Mesh

Reinforcing wire mesh is something CS Mechanical recommends during cast iron pipe replacement. The process is typically performed after replacing the old pipe and installing moisture barrier protection.

The wire mesh is used to reinforce concrete slabs sitting above sewer pipes.

Wire mesh helps prevent the foundation slab from shifting or sinking when groundwater rises.

The process is an added expense, but it can save businesses money and time in the long run.

Replacing or repairing a cracked or sinking foundation is expensive and time-consuming. It disrupts business operations and can negatively affect your profit margin. If the foundation is too badly damaged, the building can be deemed unsafe for occupancy.

Installing wire mesh during the pipe replacement makes sense. After installing the wire mesh, our technicians will install new concrete and remove any leftover debris.

We will leave the worksite clean and safe for employees and visitors.

Electrical Wiring for Lift Station

The lift station is a vital part of your building’s sewer system. While the pipes hold the water, the moisture does not leave without assistance. It’s where the lift station comes in.

A lift station forces wastewater from the building into the sewer system. The component is essential when pipes are located on a slope. The lift station moves the sewage uphill, away from your commercial building.

Our licensed and certified technicians will wire the lift station into your system. We will stay and perform multiple tests to ensure it is functioning properly.

Call CS Mechanical in Texas for Cast Iron Pipe Replacement

Cast iron pipes are common in older buildings. However, these sewer pipes can become damaged due to corrosion, age, and even shifting ground.

When you notice foul odors, constant wet patches in the lawn, or slow-draining drains, it’s time to schedule an inspection with the experts.

CS Mechanical will inspect your pipes and make the necessary recommendations. If your pipes need replacing, we will handle every aspect of the job from start to finish.

Call us today to schedule an appointment with our experienced team.