Commercial Exhaust Fan Repair

Jul 24, 2023 | HVAC

Summers in Texas are brutal, and if your business is close to the Gulf Coast, scorching hot temperatures can last for several months. While businesses never want to be without a properly working exhaust fan, it especially applies to Texas spring and summer months.

Your commercial exhaust fan is part of your building’s HVAC system, and it does more than produce a cooling breeze. The exhaust fan removes fumes from the area, improving everyone’s safety.

CS Mechanical understands how vital your exhaust fans are to your business. Our licensed and certified team is here to help when you need repair or general maintenance.

Commercial Exhaust Fan Repair

Sometimes you can catch the issue before your exhaust fan fails. Rattling and other unusual noises often indicate a problem. Your exhaust fan may also vibrate when turned on. Another sign of a potential problem is when the pressure or velocity drops. Catching these issues early can save you money on repair costs.

A few other common issues our technicians at CS Mechanical often see include the following.

  • Bearing failure. When your exhaust fan runs louder than normal, a common cause is issues with the bearings. Greasing the bearings during regular exhaust fan maintenance can prolong their life, but sometimes they need replacing.
  • Broken or worn belts. An exhaust fan belt should have around one inch of play. When the tension is too high, the belt can break. Exhaust fan belts also wear out over time. The fan pulley may also have issues. When this occurs, it’s time to call the experts for repairs.

While these are common issues we see in the field, another, more expensive problem is a burnt-out fan motor. When the motor is down, your exhaust fan isn’t able to suction out fumes.

Commercial Exhaust Fan Maintenance

Regular maintenance can prevent many common issues with exhaust fans. But how do you know it’s time to schedule routine maintenance? While we recommend creating a set schedule, sometimes your exhaust fan requires maintenance sooner than later. Some signs that indicate it’s time to give us a call are:

  • A lingering haze around the exhaust fan
  • The temperature control settings require constant adjusting
  • Odors are present throughout the building
  • Inconsistent cooling and heating
  • The exhaust fan and/or hood or coated in a visible layer of dust or dirt.

Here’s what we recommend for our commercial clients during the commercial exhaust fan maintenance process.

For exhaust fans around .25 horsepower, you should perform the following every four months or so.

  • Clean and inspect the fan assembly
  • Lubricate all bearings in the fan and motor
  • Check the belts and make any necessary adjustments
  • Tighten the nuts, bolts, and mounting hardware
  • Inspect the motor, vibration pads, and the assembly’s structural integrity

All electrical connections should also be included in your quarterly inspections.

Larger exhaust fans up to .75 horsepower function best with twice-yearly maintenance. Along with the above list, our technicians will also inspect the following:

  • Inspect blade pitch and rotary union
  • Lube the blade links, spherical bearings, and spider hub
  • Check the relays and contactors
  • Adjust and lubricate the dampers

During our maintenance inspection, we will let you know if we discover any issues. We will work with you to find the best solution to fit your needs and budget.

Benefits of Commercial Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Some benefits of commercial exhaust fan cleaning are obvious. Routine cleaning and inspections can save you money on repair and replacement costs.

It can also prolong the life of your unit. Commercial exhaust fans can be expensive to replace, especially if you have more than one.

Another benefit is reducing your risk of a fire. It can be a particular problem with exhaust fans in the food industry. Over time, grease deposits can build up. It’s not only a fire hazard; it can shorten the life of your exhaust fan.

Scheduling a time for us to clean your exhaust fans is one of the best ways to ensure their optimal operation.

Licensed and Certified in Texas

The National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA 96 requires commercial businesses to clean exhaust fans and hoods on a regular basis. The statute goes on to state the personnel must be certified and trained.

Our technicians meet these requirements. CS Mechanical is licensed and certified to repair, maintain, replace, and clean commercial exhaust fans.

If your business requires the installation of additional exhaust fans, we can handle this too. We will inspect your current HVAC system and make recommendations on the number of fans, along with their placement.

We are located in Houston and proudly serve businesses across Texas. Contact us today with your questions or concerns and find out how we can help keep your exhaust fans functioning properly.