Commercial Hydro Jetting Services

Apr 21, 2023 | Plumbing

Is your business dealing with clogged drains? It’s a common problem in many commercial facilities. Over time, build-ups in the drain pipes and sewer lines occur, resulting in plumbing problems. Ignoring the issue often leads to expensive repairs or even plumbing replacements.

While there are several ways to clean drain pipes and sewer lines, one method is capable of returning your plumbing to an almost like-new condition. Commercial hydro jetting is a relatively new method plumbers are using to clean drains and sewer lines.

Why Choose Commercial Hydro Jetting Services?

Even though hydro jetting has been around for eighty years, it wasn’t an affordable service for most small and mid-sized businesses. Advances in technology now allow a single plumbing technician to operate the hydro jetting equipment.

Since only one certified plumber is necessary, costs associated with labor are dramatically decreased. This alone is making hydro jetting more affordable.

What is Hydro Jetting in Commercial Storm Drain Cleaning?

Hydro jetting is a relatively simple yet powerful process. High-pressure water jets dislodge and remove debris from the pipe walls. The powerful stream of water is capable of removing all types of debris, including cooking grease and non-biodegradable items that commonly clog commercial drains.

Since the machines typically have a reach of five hundred feet or so, you have the flexibility necessary to reach all parts of the drain and sewer lines.

Drain Snake vs. Hydro Jetting

Snaking out a clogged drain is a process almost everyone is familiar with and is commonly used by commercial plumbers. It is effective at removing hard stoppages, like tree roots. A drain snake can cut and remove the debris, while hydro jetting only flushes the inside of the pipe.

Unlike hydro jetting, which uses a stream of high-pressure water, a drain snake is an auger you feed into the drain. The goal is to get the auger in the center of the clog. When the auger reaches the item clogging the drain, it pulls it out.

Have a Commercial Sewer Camera Inspection Before Starting Work

Since hydro jetting cannot remove hard blockages, a commercial sewer inspection is recommended. It will save companies time and money. After the inspection, you will know what is causing the clog and the best method to remove it.

The plumbing technician will insert a small camera into the pipe. From there, you will know if it’s a soft or hard stoppage.

Benefits of Using a Grease Trap Pumping Vacuum

An obvious benefit of using commercial hydro jetting services is having a free-flowing drain and cleaner sewer pipes. However, there are some additional advantages business owners may not think about.

Reduce the Need for Sewer Line Repair

Some of the signs you may need to repair the sewer lines include foul odors, leaking pipes, and drain lines backing up.

While sewer pipes do degrade over the years, you can extend their life with adequate maintenance. It often starts with hydro jetting to remove any build-ups along the inside of the pipes.

Sewer Jetting Minimizes the Risk of Damaged Pipes

Sewer jetting is a relatively safe process for sewer pipes. The plumbing technician or equipment is not in physical contact with the lines. It reduces the risk of accidental damage.

How Often Do You Need Commercial Drain Cleaning in Texas

How often your business needs commercial drain cleaning depends on a few factors.

Companies that are careful about what goes down the drain often only require hydro jetting once every five years or so.

It’s a little different in the hospitality industry. Businesses like restaurants and hotels may want to schedule the service every one or two years. It prevents items like grease from building up along the drain walls.

Even hotels without onsite restaurants may want to have their drains power-washed every couple of years. You can never predict what guests may be flushing down the drains.

Our Vacuum Jet Truck Services Will Keep Your Drains Flowing Freely

Clogged drains are often more than an inconvenience. When the problem isn’t immediately addressed, it can interrupt business operations. To keep your business running smoothly and water flowing down the drain, it is always recommended that you contact a licensed plumber when an issue arises.

Hydro jetting is a safe and simple process that doesn’t interrupt your daily operations. A plumbing technician comes out and uses the jet nozzle to spray high-pressure water down the drain, effectively vacuuming out your sewer pipes.

The hydro jetting company you contact matters in terms of efficiency, cost, and level of service.

CS Mechanical Co is the preferred service provider for many businesses across Texas. Their personnel has the experience and training you want from a commercial plumber. Contact them today for all of your hydro jetting needs and keep your plumbing functioning like new.