Commercial Walk-in Freezer/Cooler Repair

Jun 9, 2023 | Electrical, HVAC

Commercial Refrigerator Repair

Restaurants and bars are a few of the industries that depend on their commercial refrigerators. When their refrigerators go down, perishable items can spoil, resulting in unnecessary waste and expenses.

Preventive maintenance can help keep your refrigerators functioning properly, but sometimes it’s insufficient. Repairs may be required to get your walk-in freezer back up and running. Whether your commercial refrigerator needs routine maintenance or repairs, CS Mechanical is here to help.

Restaurant Walk-in Freezer Repair

When your walk-in freezer isn’t keeping the set temperature, your restaurant can lose more than inventory. Customers may be turned away, and there are always health risks. Some foods are required to be at a specific temperature to meet safety standards. No restaurant wants to be responsible for serving spoiled food.

Improper temperatures are not the only reason your commercial freezer may need repairs. Leaks, faulty doors, and strange noises from the motor can be other signs of trouble. Taking care of the issue before it becomes a problem is the best solution, and CS Mechanical can tackle any necessary repair.

Commercial Walk-in Freezer/Cooler Repair

Commercial walk-in freezers and coolers can store more than food. Beer, wine, and even medicine are kept at specific temperatures.

Whatever you store in your freezers and coolers, you want to keep everything at the right temperatures.

Like any other type of appliance, commercial freezers and coolers can break down. It may be as simple as a tripped breaker preventing the unit from reaching and maintaining the specified temperature. Dirty condensers can be another cause, along with oil or water leaks.

Our technicians will locate and repair the issue with little downtime for your business.

Commercial Refrigeration Benefits

The benefits of commercial refrigeration can not be understated. Commercial units can reach temperatures that household appliances are not capable of.

The large size of commercial refrigerators also allows businesses to safely store their items without purchasing multiple smaller units.

CS Mechanical understands the different issues you may be experiencing with your commercial walk-in freezer or refrigerator.

Common Issues with Commercial Refrigeration

Troubleshooting the issue with your commercial refrigeration typically takes an expert. Some common issues CS Mechanical handles include control boards not functioning, even when the refrigerator is receiving power.

Non-running compressors are another issue we deal with, along with dirty condenser coils and excess refrigerant. Adding too much refrigerant can result in a variety of issues. To resolve this problem, the excess refrigerant needs to be reclaimed, and it is not a liquid you can easily get rid of. There are safety protocols in place to prevent coolant from entering the public water supply.

Low or high discharge pressure, along with excess frost on the evaporator fins, are other common issues CS Mechanical handles when servicing and repairing commercial refrigeration units.

Water Leaks

Water leaks are annoying, but they are often a sign of a more serious issue.

Pools of standing water can indicate an issue with the condenser or other refrigerator components.

Not only does the water leak indicate an equipment problem, but it can also be a safety issue. Employees can slip and fall on their way to and from the refrigerator.

To avoid potentially expensive workman comp claims and other litigation, it’s always recommended you have the walk-in refrigerator or freezer repaired by a professional.

Noise In Your System Could Be Blockage

Is your walk-in refrigerator making gurgling or thumping noises? Maybe you hear the motor sound like it is gurgling. Anytime you hear noises coming from your walk-in typically indicates a problem.

The issue is often a loose or broken component, and regular maintenance can prevent these noises from occurring.

Scheduling regular maintenance with a trusted service company can help keep your walk-in refrigerator and freezer functioning efficiently and quietly.

Irregular Temperature

A commercial refrigerator or freezer that cannot maintain a regular, preset temperature is almost useless. Items stored inside may spoil, and this can disrupt your business.

While there are multiple reasons why your unit may not retain its preset temperature, there is only one solution. You want to contact the professionals to repair your unit.

Keep Your Commercial Refrigerator in Optimal Working Condition With Our Help

Whether it is a blown fuse, tripped breaker, or leak, CS Mechanical is here to help. We can repair most commercial refrigerator issues. If the problem requires a new unit, we can also handle the installation.

We do recommend regular maintenance to help ensure your commercial refrigerator continues to function optimally. Contact us today to schedule a routine maintenance appointment. If a problem develops, our skilled technicians are available 24/7 for your convenience.