Electrical Wiring Services For Your Facility

Jul 28, 2023 | Electrical

Whether it’s a new construction or an existing building, CS Mechanical can upgrade or install new wiring in your commercial facility. Our experienced technicians can install everything from outlets and breakers to smoke detectors, electrical panels, and indoor lighting. We also provide electrical wiring solutions for a specific area or to power a large industrial machine.

Here’s a look at what we can do for your facility.

Data Wiring

Are you updating your existing data network, or do you need one installed? This means contacting a licensed electrician. Your data networking infrastructure is crucial. Without it, you cannot properly conduct business.

CS Mechanical will handle all aspects of the data wiring project. Our skilled electricians will install the necessary cables and electrical wiring. We will also create a network design that best suits your company. We can also optimize the network to ensure reliable performance and stability.


Installing GFCI Outlets

Safety is always a priority, which is why businesses typically use GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets throughout the facility. Not only will these outlets protect employees from electrical shocks and electrocution, but they also work to prevent expensive damage to machinery. The outlets track the electricity flow, blocking it from reaching the equipment when a ground fault is detected.

GFCI outlets may also be required to ensure your facility is up to code.

Our team of professionals will replace or install non-GFIC outlets in required areas, typically those close to water. We are familiar with the various codes across Texas and ensure your facility meets all standards. We can also install GFCI outlets throughout the facility at your request.

GFCI Breaker Wiring

GFCI breaker wiring requires a certified electrician, and we are here to help. The GFCI breaker is installed in the building’s electrical panel and often replaces the need for multiple GFCI outlets.

The breaker serves the same function as the individual outlets; only it protects against ground faults. We will inspect your facility to see if it is a viable option for your building. When it is new construction, CS Mechanical can include GFCI breaker wiring in the electrical design plan.

Smoke Detector Installation

There are multiple reasons why you want smoke detectors located throughout your facility. It is required by law. Building fire and safety codes require a specific number of smoke detectors depending on the facility’s size. Fines can be hefty if you do not meet the requirements. You may even be required to close the building until the installation is complete.

Safety is another reason to install smoke detectors. Fires can happen, and you always want to keep your employees safe.

Instead of risking fines and possible closure, CS Mechanical will install the correct number of smoke detectors in the appropriate locations. After the installation, our technicians will check each one to ensure it is working. We will also explain how to properly maintain the smoke detectors so they are always in optimal working condition.

Electric Panel Installation

Without an electric panel, your facility will not have power. Your electrical panel ensures electricity flows safely to the building’s numerous outlets.

At CS Mechanical, we have years of experience designing and installing electrical panels in all types of commercial facilities. We will work with you to design an electrical panel that serves your needs without it becoming cluttered with multiple wires. Each breaker is always easy to find in the event it accidentally trips.

Some larger facilities may require more than one electrical panel. After touring your facility and learning more about your electrical needs, we will recommend the best design and number of panels. We always work with our clients to provide them with what they need while also staying within budget.

Electrical Panel Replacement

Did you know that electrical panels can become out-of-date? It can be a common issue in older buildings. Maybe you are installing additional outlets to power new machinery. You may be adding GFCI outlets or new lighting. If so, you may need to replace your existing electrical panel.

Breakers and wires can also wear out over time, requiring replacement. Sometimes, it is less expensive and time-consuming to replace the electric panel instead of making repairs.

We will recommend the best solution for your facility. If the electric panel is being replaced, we will handle every aspect of the job, from design to installation and testing.

Let CS Mechanical Handle Your Facility’s Electrical Wiring Needs

We are located in Houston and provide professional electrical wiring services to clients across Texas. Whether replacing an electrical panel, installing a new one, or designing the wiring system, our licensed and experienced technicians are here to help.

Contact us today for all of your electrical wiring needs!