General Repairs For A Local Brewery Building

Apr 24, 2023 | General Repairs, HVAC

CS Mechanical is here to help with general repairs for your brewery building. We understand when a system goes down; it can halt operations. Our service professionals will have your brewery back up and running, whether it’s new flooring or relocating light fixtures. We can also install new systems that streamline your brewery’s operations.

New Flooring From Carpet to Epoxy

Is your current flooring in a state of disrepair or impractical for the area? Carpet in a brewery can be a problem. Spills and leaks from the tanks ruin carpeting and can present a health issue. Bacteria can form on the carpet, risking your employees’ health.

We often recommend our commercial clients consider installing epoxy flooring.

Epoxy floors are long-lasting and improve workplace safety. The flooring is resistant to slips, chemicals, and abrasions. The seamless design provides hygienic protection, and the waterproof material can be pitched to improve drainage.

Relocate Light Fixtures

Your current light fixtures’ placement may not be providing adequate illumination. It especially applies to breweries taking over a building used in other industries.

Purchasing new fixtures is often an unwanted expense. Another option is to relocate the existing light fixtures. Our trained electricians will work with you to find the best place for your light fixtures. We will take care of everything, including the wiring.

When your light fixtures are properly placed, employee safety is improved. You can illuminate dark hallways, ensure the gauges on beer tanks are easily read, and obstacles are clearly visible.

During your light fixture relocation project, CS Mechanical will take every step to ensure limited interruption to your business operations.

Motion Sensor For Automatic Door Installation

Have you ever tried to manually open a door while managing a heavy beer keg? It’s a hassle and a safety hazard. Dropped kegs not only result in a profit loss for the brewery, but it can also mean expensive doctor bills from injured employees.

Motion sensors for doors are an effective way to prevent these and other issues. It’s also a nice touch for visitors. Instead of pushing or pulling on a heavy door, the motion sensor automatically opens the doors. It’s a great way to welcome visitors to your building.

The controls work by sensing an individual’s proximity to the doors, automatically opening and closing them. It allows employees to take out and bring in supplies without having to worry about managing the doors.

CS Mechanical will install motion sensors on some or all of your building’s doors, making work easier for everyone.

Badge Reader Installation

Do you have areas only specific employees can access? Perhaps you want to keep the public out of the brewing space. The easiest way to restrict access is by installing a badge reader.

How it works is simple. Employees with approved access are provided with badges. The badge reader only opens doors with approved access. You can decide who has access to which areas of your brewery.

Badge readers are most commonly installed on building front doors. However, we will install the technology wherever you deem necessary with limited interruption to your business. It’s an effective way to keep unwanted visitors out of restricted areas.

Automatic Door Lock Installation

Taking inventory in and out is enough of a hassle without having to stop and lock the doors. Employees can forget about this vital safety procedure. After all, you do not want unauthorized personnel in your brewery. It presents a safety hazard and can result in theft or damages.

You can easily resolve this potential problem by installing automatic door locks. The locks automatically engage when the door shuts.

Automatic door locks are simple for our technicians to install. It also does not interrupt your daily business. With automatic door locks, you can rest easy knowing your doors are always locked. You also don’t have to worry about lost employee keys. The doors will still lock as soon as they close.


Data Port Installation

Tracking data at a brewery can be time-consuming and frustrating. Along with managing business expenses, you also need to keep up with the progress of your various batches of beer. When you are brewing different types, not every keg finishes simultaneously.

Installing a data port makes it easy to track all of your business operations.

With a data port, you can access business information from any connected device. Use your tablet, laptop, or smartphone to remotely check keg progress or review your current inventory.

When you need general repairs for your local brewery, contact CS Mechanical. We specialize in electric, HVAC, and plumbing for all types of commercial buildings. We provide 24/7 support and same-day services, so you can keep your brewery up and running. Contact us for all of your commercial facility service needs.