Preventing Electrical Problems In Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings depend on their electrical system. It’s necessary for operations and to provide a safe environment for employees and visitors. Whether it’s a new or older building, issues can occur, but how do you know what to watch for? Unless the building owner or manager is an electrician, you may not know there’s a potential problem until it becomes a serious and expensive issue.

CS Mechanical can help prevent issues with electrical systems in commercial buildings with our preventative maintenance services. Here’s a look at some of the common electrical problems we frequently encounter.

Outlet Covers

Electrical outlets are a vital part of a building’s electrical system. It’s where devices, appliances, machinery, etc., are plugged in. Depending on the type of industry, liquids can splash into the outlet. When this occurs, it typically causes the circuit breaker to trip.

It’s a hassle constantly flipping the circuit breaker into the on position. Allowing liquids to get into an electrical outlet is also a safety concern.

Whether water, grease, or another liquid, there is a simple and easy way to resolve the problem. CS Mechanical can create custom outlet covers that protect against almost any type of liquid.

Electrical Outlets

Non-working electrical outlets are a common problem in older buildings, but it can also occur in newer facilities. Dead outlets typically do not present a safety threat. However, it can reduce productivity when employees are spending time searching for a working electrical outlet.

Dead outlets are often caused by circuit overloads. When multiple high-wattage devices are connected to a single outlet, it can result in overheating. In some instances, only the circuit breaker trips. Others may experience burning wires.

When you have issues with the building’s electrical outlets, it’s always a good idea to contact a qualified electrician. The electrician will examine the outlet and recommend a repair or replacement.

Having functional outlets can improve productivity and the building’s overall safety.

Electrical Problems in Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings can experience electrical problems regardless of age. Some examples included frequently tripping circuit breakers and poorly organized electrical panels.

Circuit breakers protect the electrical system. Think of them as a safety system. The breaker flips when too much electricity is flowing through the circuit.

Overloads, ground faults, and short circuits are the common causes. Scheduling an appointment with CS Mechanical can help you discover and resolve the problem.

Messy electrical panels may not always be unsafe, but they can still cause problems.

Employees may not know which breaker to flip to prevent an electrical issue from spreading throughout the building. A professionally organized electrical panel will save you time and money in the long run. It’s also less expensive to resolve than repairing the issues it can cause.

Electrical Emergency

An electrical emergency doesn’t necessarily mean the power is out. It includes anything that disrupts business operations or makes the workplace unsafe.

Flickering or blinking lights can indicate a more serious electrical problem. The issue can result in an electrical fire. It’s always best to have an electrician inspect the light fixtures and wiring.

Are you constantly replacing burned-out lightbulbs? If so, it can be an indication of an electrical problem. While bulbs have a lifespan, they shouldn’t burn out after a few hours or days of use. Frequently replacing lightbulbs can quickly become an unwanted expense.

Loose connections are the most common reason for the issue, and it’s one you should immediately address. Sparks from loose connections can cause further damage to the electrical system or start a fire.

Faulty Wiring

It’s almost impossible to tell if the wiring is faulty by examining the walls. The electrical wiring is safely tucked away, out of sight and touch. An easy method is to use your sense of smell. Do you smell something burning when you turn the lights on? If so, there may be a problem with the wiring.

Another indication of bad wiring is frequently breaking fuses. You should not be constantly replacing fuses. The small parts are designed to last for at least a few years.

Damaged, outdated, or improper installation can all cause problems with a building’s wiring. Failing to maintain your electrical system, which includes routine inspections, can also lead to issues with the electrical wiring.

Older buildings often have faulty wiring. Electrical wiring can degrade over time. You may also want to replace the wiring during a lighting upgrade. The old wiring may not be able to handle the extra load new light fixtures place on the system.

CS Mechanical will inspect the building’s current wiring and make recommendations on the best course of action.

Let Us Help You Prevent Electrical Problems in Your Commercial Building

Whether it’s a routine maintenance inspection or repairing faulty wiring, CS Mechanical is here to help. Contact the professionals today for all of your commercial electrical needs.