Temporary Power For Construction Sites

Oct 6, 2023 | Electrical

Whether it’s a renovation or new construction, keeping electricity flowing to the job site is essential. You also cannot rely on the building’s existing power source. It’s often cut off for safety reasons during the construction project. This means securing temporary power but also following a few steps.

CS Mechanical is familiar with the steps businesses must take to ensure the construction site receives temporary power. From securing permits to installation, our licensed electricians will ensure your buildings, work trailers, and equipment has electricity so your project can run smoothly.

Temporary Construction Power Requirements

Securing temporary power starts with contacting the utility company. After letting the utility know when and how much power, the next step is scheduling a visit to your construction site.

During the visit, the representative from the utility will inspect the work trailers and check for specialized equipment using 480V of power. After the tour, the representative will design a job layout. The layout focuses on safety, so it may differ from your original design.

Verifying and approving the design layout is the next step. It’s also when you should start the permitting process. The city issues the permit and can take a few days for approval.

Finally, it’s time to install the temporary power source.

Differences Between Temporary and Permanent Power Supplies

Temporary power is precisely what the name implies. Electricity to the construction site is only supplied during the project. When the project is completed, the power source is removed. It’s when the permanent power supply kicks in. It’s only intended to be used to power tools, equipment and illuminate work trailers. Temporary power is not a long-term solution.

While there are different temporary power sources, the most common is a power pole. A temporary power pole is installed at the construction site and connected to a permanent electrical source. This temporary power source is relatively easy to install and remove, which can help cut overall costs.

Permanent power is a source of electricity meant to last for the life of the building. An electrical line runs from the street to the building’s meter box, providing power to all connected outlets.

How Long Can You Use a Temporary Power Pole

The length of time you can use a temporary power pole depends on a few factors.

Every company has different rental terms, but most average around 12 weeks. Some rental companies base the period on the estimated length of the project. The cost for this type of rental may be more expensive, but it also helps ensure you have power throughout the project.

A tip to remember during planning is to consider adding a week or so to the estimated project timeline. This way, you don’t have to worry about losing temporary power due to the lease expiring before the project’s finished.

Almost all construction and renovation projects run into issues that can push the timeframe back a day or even a few weeks. Extending the lease on the temporary power pole is possible, but it comes with added expenses. Depending on city, county, and state codes and laws, you may need to go through the permitting process again to re-rent a temporary power pole.

Temporary Power Pole Permit

Before installing a temporary power pole, a permit is required. Without a permit, your temporary power source can be shut down without warning. You also run the risk of incurring fees and fines.

The process of obtaining the necessary permits varies by city and county, so it’s best to work with a professional.

At CM Mechanical, we are familiar with the various permitting processes across Texas.

Don’t forget about scheduling the inspection with the utility providing the temporary power. It’s required before you can obtain a temporary power pole permit.

Cost of Temporary Electricity Connections

The costs associated with temporary electricity connections vary by company. A few factors affect the costs, including the amount of power needed at the site, the type of equipment used, and the project’s size.

How long you plan on renting the temporary power pole also affects costs. Longer rental agreements are typically more expensive than short-term leases.

The location of your job site is another factor. It often costs more when the job site is not easily accessible.

It’s a good idea to shop around and compare prices before settling on a temporary power pole supplier.

Let CS Mechanical Handle Your Temporary Power Needs

CS Mechanical is an experienced and licensed supplier and installer of temporary power poles for construction sites. Let us take care of the permits and inspection schedules, so you can concentrate on your upcoming project. We provide service across Texas. Contact us today to learn more about supplying temporary power during your renovation or new construction.