Commercial Electrical Services in Dallas, Ft. Worth

Commercial electricians are responsible for designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems. These electrical systems can include those used in office buildings, restaurants, medical facilities, retail centers, warehouses, and hotels. Often, commercial electricians work directly with contractors, architects, and building designers to ensure the electrical system meets local codes and is capable of powering everything from lights and HVAC units to machinery.

Our commercial electricians at CS Mechanical are licensed according to Texas law. This also applies to their certification to ensure their work meets our client’s high standards.

We commonly provide electrical services to our clients in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Whether it’s enhancing the performance and efficiency of an HVAC unit by installing a VFD system or simply replacing a broken fuse, our team of commercial electricians is always here to provide the services our clients need.

Commercial Electrical Service in Dallas, TX


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Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial electrical services cover a wide range of projects. These projects often include upgrades and retrofits to help businesses save on energy costs and reduce their carbon footprints. The projects also include new installations with the same goals in mind.

We often work on some of these projects in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, including electrical panel upgrades and installations, to ensure commercial properties are receiving enough power without overloading their system.

We also provide electrical services for commercial building owners with tenants. CS Mechanical can help ensure building tenants’ comfort and optimal operations by providing the following services:

  • Wiring or Rewiring
  • New Circuits
  • Remodels
  • Renovations
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting
  • Systems to Protect Against Potentially Harmful Surges
  • Security Systems
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Motion Detection Systems
  • Intercom Units
  • Parking Features
  • Energy-Saving Systems

This is only a sample of the electrical services we can provide for our commercial clients in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Commercial Electrical Repair

While we always recommend routine maintenance and inspections on commercial electrical systems, issues can still arise. Our commercial electricians are trained and certified to repair a broad range of electrical problems, from a simple broken circuit breaker to fixing faulty wiring in an HVAC unit.

Regardless of the size and scope of your Dallas-Fort Worth business, our team of commercial electricians can come up with solutions that fit your budget and needs. Some of the repairs we commonly work on for our clients include:

  • Service panel repair
  • Repairing LED, recessed, and standard light fixtures. We can also take care of a retrofit, upgrade, or new installation.
  • Outlet and dedicated circuit repair
  • Commercial ceiling fan and appliance wiring repair
  • Commercial HVAC electrical connection repair
  • Parking lot lighting repair
  • AFCI breaker repair
  • Switch and dimmer repair

This is only a small example of the electrical services we provide. Contact us when you need an electrical repair. We take on small and large projects for all of our commercial clients.

Electrical Contractors

Are you wondering why you may need an electrical contractor instead of a licensed electrician? After all, both are trained, licensed, and certified to work with electricity. While both work with electricity, an electrical contractor has additional training. They can also design your commercial building’s electrical system. They also work with architects and construction contractors. For any new construction, this teamwork is essential in ensuring the electrical system can provide adequate power to the building.

This also applies to retrofits and upgrades. The training and extensive knowledge ensure your electrical systems are efficient and eco-friendly. Not only does this help businesses reduce electrical costs, but reducing their carbon footprint also benefits their brand. More consumers are choosing to support businesses with green initiatives, and lowering energy consumption rates indicates the company cares about the environment.

Some of the benefits our commercial customers see when working with our commercial electricians include:

  • Extensive professional training
  • Use and access to all recommended and necessary equipment
  • Capable of providing advice on how to maximize energy efficiency
  • Provide quality work on time

Our commercial electricians will finish your project as quickly as possible with minimal interruption to your daily business operations. We can design, install, and complete the project without breaking it up into different segments. Since a single team is working on your project, you can expect it to be completed quickly and seamlessly.


Don’t worry if you have questions about commercial electrical services. We are here to answer your questions. Some of the common questions we hear from our commercial clients include the following.

What does a commercial electrician do?

A commercial electrician is responsible for installing, repairing, and maintaining all aspects of a building’s electrical system. We work on both low and high-voltage systems found in business and large-scale industrial facilities.

What is the difference between an electrician and a commercial electrician?

While a commercial electrician can perform the same duties as an electrician, the opposite isn’t true. Commercial electricians undergo more extensive training and certification. Commercial electricians can also employ electricians. Unlike a standard electrician, commercial electricians can also design and install electrical systems.

Another difference is where they work. Electricians often work on residential electrical systems. A commercial electrician is more likely to only work on residences during the initial build. This may be when their services are required to design and/or install the system.

What is an example of a commercial electrical installation?

An example of a commercial electrical installation we performed included the installation of heavy-duty electrical wiring. We also work on phased projects. For example, replacing six air handlers in the basement of the business. Our strategic aim is to optimize airflow and temperature control to ensure a more sustainable and comfortable indoor environment. The upgrade not only addresses the system’s needs but also helps ensure energy efficiency and long-term reliability.

Contact CS Mechanical When You Need Commercial Electrical Services

CS Mechanical is proud to serve our commercial customers across Texas, including the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Our commercial electricians are trained, licensed, and certified according to state laws and standards. Whether it’s a simple rewiring, lighting retrofit, or improving the efficiency of an existing HVAC system, we are here to help. Contact CS Mechanical today to learn more about our commercial electrical services.

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