Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration

Whether your company uses a commercial refrigerator, freezer, walk-in cooler, or a combination of refrigeration equipment, keeping the appliances functioning optimally is vital for your business. From storing food at the correct temperature to ensuring product safety to dispensing cold beverages to customers, your commercial refrigeration equipment is an essential part of your business.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting for Commercial Refrigeration Systems

Unfortunately, issues can occur, and this means repairs. Even with routine maintenance, problems can still pop up. This is when you want to call the professionals at CS Mechanical. Our skilled technicians can handle all types of commercial refrigeration and freezer repair. If you need a new unit or want to upgrade to the latest model, we can also take care of the installation process.

Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Businesses like restaurants and hotels depend on their commercial refrigerators. Some of the common problems our technicians see on jobs include everything from issues with the unit’s internal temperature to odd noises. Here are some of the most common issues to prepare for:

  • Thermostat Issues
  • Compressor Failure
  • Fan Motor Malfunction
  • Leaking Water
  • Refrigerant Leak
  • Damaged Door Seals
  • Electrical Problems
  • Evaporator Coil Problems
  • Interior Lighting Problems
  • Condenser Coil Issues

These are only some common problems with commercial refrigerators our team at CS Mechanical is more than qualified to repair.

Commercial Freezer Installation

Whether you need a commercial freezer at your gas station, convenience store, grocery, restaurant, or hotel, CS Mechanical will handle the installation process. If you are replacing an old, worn-out freezer, we will also take care of removing the unit from your property.

If you have not picked out a new commercial freezer, we will come in and measure the site. This way, we know what size is best suited for your space. We will also help you select the best commercial freezer for your business, whether you are storing meat, ice cream, or bags of ice.

Our technicians follow all of the manufacturer’s guidelines and applicable safety codes. Our licensed plumbers and technicians will ensure the installation meets all building codes. We will check the building’s power supply and wiring, along with the plumbing, to ensure your new freezer is functioning optimally.

We will ensure the installation is level and the freezer is properly positioned. Before our technicians leave, they will test and inspect the freezer to ensure there are no potential issues. We will also recommend a maintenance plan to help extend the life of your new freezer.

Walk-in Coolers

Businesses like gas stations and grocery stores depend on their walk-in coolers. These refrigeration units see plenty of use during business hours. Customers are constantly opening and closing the doors, and employees also need to keep the coolers stocked.

This constant activity can take a toll on these units.

Some of the issues we commonly repair, but are not limited to, include,

  • Wear and tear on the doors. The seals can degrade over time, making it difficult for the cooler to stay at the set temperature.
  • Frost building up on the doors. When you notice frost building up on the doors, it’s time to call for a repair. This is often a sign that the unit is cooling properly.
  • Water leaks. Faulty water lines and damaged seals are the most common reasons for water to leak and pool underneath walk-in coolers. We will diagnose the problem and present a solution that meets your budget.
  • Stale odors. When you start noticing stale odors in and around your walk-in cooler, it is often a sign it is time to start thinking about a replacement.
  • Temperature is inconsistent. If the temperature is constantly fluctuating, it often indicates a more serious issue. We will assess the walk-in cooler and recommend a repair or replacement.
  • Flickering lights and odd noises. Flickering lights typically indicate a bad bulb or faulty wiring. Strange noises can indicate a variety of issues. Our technicians will inspect the walk-in cooler to diagnose the issue.

Fridges & Freezers

Stand-alone and combination fridges and freezers are common appliances in all types of businesses and industries. From restaurant and hotel kitchens to employee break rooms, these appliances are essential.

When you are experiencing difficulties with either or both appliances, don’t hesitate to call CS Mechanical. We provide service across Texas, and our 24/7 hours ensure we are always available when an issue occurs.

Sometimes, calling for service as soon as a problem is detected can mean the difference between repairing or replacing your commercial refrigeration unit. Contact CS Mechanical today to find out more about the commercial services we offer.


Do You Have Problems With The Refrigerator Temperature?

If your refrigerator isn’t keeping food cold, it often indicates an issue with the thermometer. Our technicians will also make sure the temperature issue is caused by a faulty compressor, dusty fan, or leaking refrigerant. We will also ensure nothing is blocking the airflow to ensure your refrigerator is working properly.

Do You Have Issues with Power and Lights?

When the door light isn’t turning on, the problem is most likely due to a burned-out bulb. We will replace the bulb with one specified by the manufacturer to prevent disruptions to your building’s power supply. Using the wrong bulb can result in tripped breakers and even burn out the electrical sockets.

If your refrigerator isn’t turning on, we use a voltage detector to see if the issue is in the outlet or ground wiring.

How To Prevent Ice Building Up in the Refrigerator?

Ice building up in your commercial refrigerator can be a simple fix. Your thermostat may be set too low, and we can adjust the internal temperature accordingly. Frost and ice forming inside the refrigerator can also indicate an issue with ventilation, faulty door gaskets, or your staff leaving the doors open for extended periods.

Proper training can stop employees from leaving refrigerator doors open, but faulty door gaskets and ventilation issues often require assistance from professionals.

Why Is The Refrigerator Making Weird Noises?

Refrigerators are not always silent when running. You should expect your commercial fridge to make a little noise. However, if the refrigerator is louder than usual or you are hearing strange noises, it is time to call CS Mechanical.

The noises may be caused by a dirty fan, a clogged filter limiting airflow, or a more serious issue.


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