Thermostat Installation And Replacement

Your thermostat is a vital part of your HVAC system. It controls the temperature in a room. With the press of a button, you can raise or lower the temperature to keep the area comfortable regardless of the weather outside.

Unfortunately, thermostats can wear out over time. It can leave you sweltering or freezing. When this happens, you need a licensed electrician to replace and install a new thermostat.

At CS Mechanical, we offer a variety of thermostats to our clients. It allows them to select the best one for their building. Not sure what type of thermostat you need, here’s a look at your options.

Types of Thermostats

Our professional electricians can install the following types of thermostats in your commercial space.

Digital Thermostats

Digital thermostats are more energy efficient than ones with mechanical components. Instead of sliding a lever to the approximate temperature, you have precise control over your HVAC unit.

You can set the thermostat to the desired temperature without fiddling with the lever.

If the sensors in your digital thermostat are going bad or the display screen appears fuzzy or blank, we can replace the old components. We can also install a new digital thermostat to replace your inefficient mechanical one.

Our technicians will inspect your current system and recommend the best solutions.

Programmable Thermostat

Programmable and digital thermostats share several of the same functions. However, programmable models take it a step further. Programmable thermostats can automatically adjust the temperature at times you preset. For example, when the facility is closed or before employees arrive in the morning.

You can select between basic and advanced models. Basic programmable thermostats typically only offer programs for weekdays and weekends. With advanced models, you can program the thermostat for individual days.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are Wi-Fi enabled and can connect to your computer or mobile devices, giving you remote control over the HVAC system. We often recommend this type of thermostat in larger facilities where you can’t easily reach the control pad.

Smart thermostats have display screens like digital and programmable ones. They can also provide weather forecasts, and some offer intelligent self-programming functionality.

Residential Thermostat

Residential thermostats typically control one HVAC unit. They typically lack programming capabilities and remote access. This type of thermostat is often found in small offices. The smaller-sized space ensures easy access to the thermostat’s controls.

Thermostat Installation and Replacement

Replacing an old thermostat often reduces your energy usage. You have more control over the temperature, and some models even have energy-saving features.

After inspecting your HVAC system and the building’s interior, we will recommend a type of thermostat that will best suit your needs.

Our team of licensed electricians will remove the old model when applicable and install the new thermostat. We will take care of all of the details, from the wiring to calibration and ensuring the connections are tight. We will also test the new thermostat to ensure it is functioning properly.

We take the same careful steps when installing a thermostat in a new construction.

Common Problems with Thermostats

How do you know when there’s an issue with your thermostat? There are a few signs to watch for that may indicate a problem.

  • Your HVAC system is frequently turning on and off. When your heating and cooling system cannot complete a full cycle, something may be wrong with the thermostat.
  • Your thermostat is responsible for sensing the temperature in the room. When the temperature drops or rises, the thermostat signals the HVAC system to turn on or off. A bad thermostat can prevent the system from turning on or shutting off. Sometimes, even manually adjusting the temperature setting isn’t enough to fix the problem. It’s also impractical to have someone standing by the thermostat, ready to make manual adjustments.
  • Thermostats in need of repair or replacement may have faulty temperature readings. The thermostat may believe the indoor temperature is around 80 degrees, but everyone in the building is freezing. Along with creating an uncomfortable environment, you are also wasting energy. The opposite can also occur. The thermostat doesn’t signal the heating system to kick on even as indoor temperatures fall.
  • When your utility bills are higher than normal, it may signal a problem with the thermostat. Faulty thermostats cause your HVAC system to work inefficiently, resulting in high electric bills.
  • Digital, programmable, and smart thermostats have lifespans. A common indication of an issue is when the thermostat loses pre-programmed settings.


If you notice cold spots in a room, it can be another sign that it’s time to replace your thermostat.

Stay at a Comfortable Temperature with Help From CS Mechanical

Whether it’s a new installation or replacing a worn-out thermostat, CS Mechanical is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about the types of thermostats we offer, and schedule your installation today!